domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2015

                                                          My blog

Hello friends! maybe this is the last post off the year but no the last one, because i really enjoy to write aboute differents thinks that i care, like trips, the future, what i do in my free time and other things.
have a blog is cool when you like write, if you don´t like it ´s a little bit boring.
The good thing about have a blog is that you can read other things too, for example now i know a lot about the life off my classmates because they coment my blog and then i go for their blogs and then i read their post.
At the same time i learn a lot of new words and remember the others tha i had forget, so my vocabulary is better than the start of the semester.
I love when my friends makes comments on my blog, beacuse means that they like what i post.
For me is amazing tell to everybody the thing what i thik and the stories off my life, i love to talk a lot and when you write you speak whit too much people at the same time!
So my friends this is not a goodbye, just a break for summer, when i will back of my vacations i will tell you all of the new stories and experiences.
see you soon!

viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

The best group in the world!

Hi today i will talk about my favourite group in te world! Natiruts are a popular brazilian reggae band, formed in Brasília in 1996.
i love them since 2006 when i lived in brazil for two years, i love this kind of music it relax me and you can feel it hahahaha. I know every song that they have, this year i saw them two times, first in the teatro Cariola in july whith a friend and the second time was last week in frontera festival whit my friends mari and javi!
The show was amazing, i dance and sing all the show but i enjoy more the first show because in frontera festival nobody sings their song, not too much people know de group and the people was so angry because i every time tried to go near to the stage, and the didn´t know nothing about my group!! it was so anoying. 
in the first show all the  people was love natiruts and it had other energy a positive one.
Well in both cases i enjoy my favourite group, every time a listen minimun one sing per day.
i love pets!!

well, i want to tell everybody how much i love pets, since i was 1 year i think that i wanted to have a pet, but my parents never gave one, not even a chiken or bunny nothing!
Every time they said to me that i will get a pet when i will live in a house. 
Now i live in a house and i have my beauty cat Tomi, he has 1 year and my parents didn ´t gave me , it was a friend who gift me my little baby Tom and then i bring him to my home and i  dind´t said nothing to my parents.
When they saw the cat i recibed a lot of screams but two days later they love my Tomi Tom because he was a baby just whith two months and it was so cute. Now he sleep whith me or my sister, her second mom and sometimes whit my parents. Sometimes my mother wants to kill my cat because he is a destroyer and my mother is so allergic so is another thing to hate him, but i know that she loves him a bit.
here i have a picture of my baby

When i will live alone i will have a lot of pets, a duck ( i really love ducks), a dog, a cat maybe a horse and a fish and other cat too.

viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

New Zeland!
Hi everyone, today i want to tell you some about my plans in the futue.
I want to finish my career and then i want to go to New Zeland and work for one year, for saved some money and then travel around the world!
I choose this country because is and amazing place and so easy to get a temporal work.
I have some friends living there and all of them talk very well about the people, the life that they have there and the beautiful places that New Zeland has.

In New Zeland you have a lot of places to go, you can go to the forest, the city, the beach and is not too easy to get a job.

The sister of my best friend is in New Zeland and she is so happy, she wins too much money and she can saved money to go to others places!
Now she is in Fiji and when she come back, she will work in a clothes shop and for the end of the next year she will go to the southeast asian and finish her travel in Europe.
I want to do the same, i love travel and meet new people and places and i think that now is the age for make this kind of travel and adventures.

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

Las Últimas Noticias

hello everybody!
Today i want to talk and show you one of my favourite website
This website is a chilean journal and was created in 1902 by Agustin Edwards.
Yes, i know that Lun (Las Últimas Noticias) is not the most important journal or the moust scholer, but i love read because is funny and intersting for me. Sometimes you can read things very stupid but at the same time you can read some important news. Obviously read news in lun is different than emol or la tercera, because is lun has a light style.
You can found news about sports, today news, and things about "famous people" and is because off  that thigs what I like, is light and so easy to read, so every day when i don’t have to much time to read big journals i go to and enjoy the popular news.
I know that this web is not the best one to be inform, but I really enjoy read it, El Mercurio o La Tercera are more serius, but more bored too, so i read them just to be inform but not for pleasure. 

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

my favourite photograph

Hi everybody, today i´m going to talk about my favourite photo. this photo was taken in last summer in tranqura ´s river whith my friends. One boy off the angency take the photo for us!
I love this photo because we had a really good time.
We were so exiting but at the same time so scare about te expirience, because none of us know how to will be, but was so cool and hard, becouse to make this sport you must have strong arms and none off us had a really strong arms! we had a flofly arms so it was so difficult.
The best thing off the experience was the landscape, see the river , the forest and in front off us you could see the Villa Rica´s volcano.
After this photo we went to home to eat something becaouse we were so hungry and then we went to drink micheladas to celebrate that we were alive.

martes, 27 de octubre de 2015

A Clockwork Orange

 Hello everybody
today I'm going to talk about my favortite movie, A Clockwork Orange. This is a film of 1971, directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the book written by Anthony Burguess. It tells the story of Alexander DeLarge, a young men, sociopath and addicted to ultraviolence and chaos. In the movie, Alex is betrayed by his friends and gets arrested after a robbery, he's sentenced to 14 years of prison.
Inside, Alex volunteers to be the subject of the Ludovico Technique, an experimental and quick type of rehab made by the goverment, that would set him free within two weeks.
The reahibilitation works, Alex is realeased but he finds out that his parents sold out his stuff and left him alone in the streets. Alex suffers because of this and the movie ends with him in the hospital, beaten up by her friends and confessing that he is really recovered after all.
I love this movie because the story is really funny in a strange way, it's really satirical and makes fun of the juvenile deliquence of the 60's in the United Kingdom, it has a very dark and intelligent sense of humor. The performance of Malcolm McDowell, who plays the main character, is absolutely brilliant,  and you can understand everything that he feels through the story, even though he is a delinquent and a bad guy.

Personally I think it's the best movie of Stanley Kubrick, I'm sure you'll love it too. See you next time!